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I aim to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your PAT testing needs. By using the latest market leading test equipment from Seaward, I can efficiently test all your portable electrical appliances in accordance with the IEE code of practice. Also ensure that they comply fully with UK Health and Safety at Work directives and most important of all, 

are safe!!

I look after Offices, Bands, Discos, PA Equipment, Workshops, Hire Companies, Garages etc. No job is considered too small or too large.

I work within 20 miles of Kempston (MK42). Most larger companies shun the small quantity jobs. I feel that if you need one item testing, that is all you want testing - but you still have to get it done. I'm here!!!

I have the adaptor leads for:-

If you use anything different, please let me know when booking.  I can obtain most types of connector, and can then add to the above list.

Another Health & Safety issue I can help with is Microwave Oven radiation leakage.  I am able to test these and certify as safe (or otherwise).

Disclosure Scotland checked.

I would like to point out the web site below to ALL parents and carers of young children. We all want to make our homes safe for our children, but are we making them more dangerous?? I think we are! www.fatallyflawed.org.uk